FM2000- AM-FM-Internet :
Current Schedule (Effective 12 February 2017) - All Times GMT

Radio 1 schedule:
Terrestrial Radio broadcasts:
Radio 1 FM2k 95,5 Mhz FM Stereo
Relay BBC World Service with interruptions of local program when needed 24h

Radio 2 schedule:
Terrestrial Radio broadcasts:
Radio 2 FM2k 96.7 Mhz FM Stereo
Sat-Sun 24h Local Programs

Radio 3 schedule:
Terrestrial Radio broadcasts:
Radio 3 Mighty 190 1575 Khz AM

International Radio schedule:
Terrestrial Radio boadcasts:
International Radio 1790 Khz

Test Frequency:
Terrestrial Radio broadcasts:
430 Khz Longwave


Internet Streams: Yes

101.5 FM Mhz FM Stereo
24 Hours

^^ GMT is equlivant to UTC,
* All Times GMT

What song's you just missed on air, ok we may play em again sometime.
Other Shows.:



Irregular Tests
You may hear from time to time, unscheduled broadcasts.
These broadcasts can happen at any time. You will be able to see if there are such broadcasts aired by the live air links that will appear.

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