Shane At Microphone
On air :
Well folks this is what my studio looks like.
It is not glamorous but its quite functional, but plenty of room for equipment
Studio consists of a Custom designed Audio mixer (10 channel), a single Technics Tape deck, Technics New Class A+ Amplifier, Sansui liquid cooled audio monitors, rotel turntable, and a 19 inch CRT monitor


Another Shane At Microphone
On air Again :
2 Pc's One for On air a 3Ghz Dual CPU based Intel machine with 700 gig hard disk space (below desk and not pictured).
Another Pc for talkback, the one pictured has now been made redundant and a 1.6 ghz Intel based single Cpu machine is now used for talkback and a separate 17 inch monitor has been added.
Teac Reel to reel for old programs can be aired and a Technics off air monitor is also shown


Some of the cabling
Some of the cabling :
Internet connectivity for in and out lines are provided, for web browsing and chat as well as a line for streaming, you will note the router box which takes care of bandwidth allocations and a customary Konka Bird as a decoration
:-). Also cables are fed to the mixing console for monitoring of normal FM, AM and Shortwave radio material should it be neccessary


Streaming servers and remote connections to servers in germany for monitoring
More Pc's to make it happen :
Streaming servers and remote connections to servers in germany for monitoring, and the 3.2 tB music storage units, no music no radio :-)


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